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    Visit the TekniWAP Mobile Portal with you cell phone to get started.
    Type: teknidude.com into your phone.

    New Site:
    Check this out: support.teknidude.com
    It's a new support forum that I made for the site. If you have any questions or don't know what you're doing check it out. Register a username there and start posting!

    New Feature:
    I added in a new feature for all Premium Users. It's called Custom Links.
    Do you have another WAP site that you visit but it isn't linked in TekniWAP?
    Well now you can add in your own links right into TekniWAP.
    Log into your account now and try it out!

    New Program: Nextel 2Way Messager
    Click here to check it out!

    If you'd like to view a layout of the WAP site, click here.
    Start sending Net Alerts right here.

    Would you like to advertise here? Haha too bad!!! I hate banners and your not gonna see one here!

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