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    Mobile Device:

    Web Browser:

    [Control via any web browser]


    [Main Server Window]

    [Server Options 1]

    [Server Options 2]

    [Server Options 3]

    [Server Options 4]


    [Main Client Window]

    [Keyboard Shortcuts]

    [Search Playlist]


    [Change EQ]

    This program gives you complete control of winamp from a remote computer across a LAN or across the internet.
    You can also control it through your cell phone.
    Acess your server by using http://your.ip.address:port in your web browser or cell phone. Example:
    NEW: Uses Text-To-Speech! You can now make announcments through the server.
    Just type your message in the client and the server will say it in a computer voice.

    Fully compatible with the latest Winamp version 2.9x and Winamp version 5.x
    Does not work with Winamp 3!

    Jul 19, 2006 1.5.0
    First release of the new 1.5 server.
    Bunch of updates to the web server interface.
    You can now search for a song/artist in the playlist through the web interface.
    The web interface is now password protected if needed.
    The server options has had a complete facelift and looks/operates much nicer.

    Apr 22, 2004 1.4.16
    A couple small updates. The server control now only needs one listening port, it uses the same for WEB connections along with the CLIENT controller.
    The web interface has been extremely optomized for mobile phones. It looks a lot better and now uses WML instead of HTML.
    You can now fast forward and rewind 15 seconds through a song on the web interface. You can also see the bitrate of the song.
    The EQ window now also has that cool looking graph.
    I have now made a setup file for the program so its so simple to install this program.

    Dec 30, 2003 1.4.11
    Added support for multiple sockets on http server and client server.
    You can now have multiple clients connected to the server and they all can control it at the same time.
    Server works perfectly with Winamp 5 without any changes : )

    Quick access keys:
      F2 - EQ
      F3 - Files
      F4 - Help/About Window
      F5 - Refresh Playlist
    Global access keys:
      Alt-Z - Back
      Alt-X - Play
      Alt-C - Pause
      Alt-V - Stop
      Alt-B - Next
      Win-J - Jump To Song

    Purchase the full version:

    You will receive a one year license to use the full version without the 20 minute time limit.
    The license is limited to one physical computer for non commercial uses.
    Use the contact form for a commercial license quote.

    Once payment is completed you will receive your registration code via email.

    Size: 380KB
    Version: 1.5.0 2006-07-19
    [Download This Program]
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