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    About this site:
    Created by Jason Volk

    11-15-03 NEW: Support.TekniDude.com
    TekniDude's support forum has gone public. Check it out!

    11-03-03 Check out Custom Links!
    A new feature for premium users has been added. You can create you own links inside of TekniWAP.
    Just log into your account and start customizing!

    10-29-03 TekniWAP free site is back.
    Due to certain people on eBay, I took the site down for non-Premium Members temporarily. Well, now it's back up!

    10-20-03 Network Tools fixed!
    Ughh... between an ugly mix of ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP the network tools page now works again.
    Also, the new features IP2Host and Host2IP are now available on the mobile page.

    10-05-03 Goodbye brinkster, hello JodoHost.com!
    I am switching my whole site over to a new hosting provider.
    After my site being constantly down, I am switching to a (hopefully) more reliable provider.
    They are cheaper and have about a million new options and cool features.

    09-30-03 New version of NextelMsging.
    Version 1.0.13 has been released! Get it now!

    08-05-03 This new site design is made public.
    It's all that I could think of...lol

    07-28-03 Update for 2WayViewer...
    A new version has been created called NextelMsging. Click here to download.

    05-30-03 New version of wireless text pager called Pager Pro
    It will save the last 10 numbers that you send messages to for quick and easy message sending.

    04-05-03 The creation of Advanced Net Alert. aka Mass Net Alert Manager.
    Visit it here.

    03-21-03 There is now a special wireless page for the net alert sender.
    It runs much smoother and cleaner now!!!

    03-17-03 Added those funky little icons!

    03-06-03 Nothing much new here.... Here's the deal:
    I need some funding to keep this site up. If you act now and donate $5 or more, you will be on the TekniWAP Cool As Hell list
    Slots are filling up fast. Act today! : )

    03-03-03 Nice date... Site Update: I added in Network Tools
    Cool as hell!!! You can now Ping, run a Trace Route, or do a Whois Lookup all from your cell.

    02-23-03 This page will update shortly. But for now, here is a site map.
    If you have any problems, suggestions, or ideas please e-mail me Jason@TekniDude.com
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