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    List of Public Projects:

    Internet Connector -->
    the better then telnet wanna-be. will connect to any port on any computer PLUS it will listen on any port.

    PortScan -->
    fast port scanner. type in an ip address and choose which ports to scan, then it will list the open ones

    TextPager -->
    the best paging device in the world. send numeric or text messages to any cell phone

    Resolve -->
    resolve hostnames quickly to IP addresses. also convert IP's to hostnames. plus it supports command line arguments

    WinampController -->
    remote control for winamp over the internet or even on your cell phone.

    NextelMsging -->
    send, read, reply to all your nextel two-way messages

    TopSong -->
    downloads the latest number 1 charts for songs. currently gets from K-ROCK, CDDB, and Billboard

    Beta Projects:

    Got AIM? -->
    alert server for mobile aim

    TekNet -->
    new and improved chat,file xfer, plus more things to kick aim's and icq's ass

    Webserver -->
    the kick-ass web server

    School Projects:

    Lab1: Astrology Mailer -->
    add people's info to a list. verifies for correct data before entry.

    Lab2: Accounting Software -->
    keeps track of checking/savings account. enter deposits and withdrawls.

    Lab3: NoteBook -->
    notepad with colors and different fonts PLUS password protect text files.

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