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VBulletin Hack: Display Random Logo

This hack will randomly change the forum logo for users randomly every (images/1000) times.
If you have five images then there is a 5 in 1000 or 1 in 200 chance the user will see a “changed” logo.

It usually freaks people out and is a lot of fun.
Works on vBulletin 3.6 and above.

You will need to edit the image url’s as you need. For examples I added in 3 images named logo_random1.jpg through logo_random3.jpg

//random logo hack 1.0, created by jason volk <>
$rnd_pics = Array(
//pick random number
if (($rnd_i=rand(0,1000))<count($rnd_pics))
unset($rnd_i,$rnd_pics);  //clear used vars

Notice: Missing DLL or OCX errors

Most of these programs are a couple years old and were originally made with Visual Basic 6 for Windows XP.
If you are using Win7 or Vista then you will most likely need the VB6 runtime files or else some missing DLL & OCX errors will pop up.

WordPress Shortcode: Display the post modified time [moddate]

This shortcode will display the post’s last modified timestamp. By default it will display the timestamp in the date & time format that you specify in your blog settings.

If you wish to change it you can use the format=”” option to display the date and time any way you want. (Examples: May 4, 2010 6:41 pm or 2010/05/04 18:41 etc…)
Visit the php date() function page for information on different formats.

Just insert the following code to the bottom of your functions.php file.

function jason_moddate($atts) {
	global $post;
	extract(shortcode_atts(array('format' => get_option("date_format") . " " . get_option("time_format")), $atts));
	return date($format, strtotime($post->post_modified));
add_shortcode('moddate', 'jason_moddate');

Now you can use [moddate] anywhere inside your posts or pages:

This post was last modified on [moddate]

Will get you:

This post was last modified on May 5, 2010 2:08 am

Format Examples:

Display just the date:

[moddate format="Y-M-D"]

Display just the time:

[moddate format="h:i:s a"]
02:08:40 am

Combine them together for a full timestamp:

[moddate format="Y-M-D h:i:s a"]
2010-May-Wed 02:08:40 am

Created on WordPress version 2.9.2


Just made this site. Not quite ready.

Haven’t uploaded all the contents yet. I’m slowly moving everything over from to this new format while messing around with wordpress. The site design will change along with everything else shortly. Check back soon.