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Hostname Resolve v1.0.6

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Resolve hostnames to IP’s and vice versa.
supports command-line arguments!!

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Version: 1.0.6
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Port Scan v1.0.0

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Version: 1.0.0
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Internet Connector v1.2.62

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Updated 2006-04-17: 1.2.62
Tons of assorted fixes.
UDP actually works now.
Displays all ASCII characters now.
Focus auto goes to the send textbox upon connect.
Hitting ENTER in the address/port textboxes will initiate connect. Doing so in the send textbox will send the data out.
Right click the Listen button for Auto-listen. It will continue to listen on the specified port if the remote connection closes.
Right click the Connect button to Bind to a specific local IP address. Type the IP to bind to in the Address text box first.
Right click the Connect button to use a basic Sniffer. It acts as a passive proxy and displays the data going in/out.
Double-click the data window to clear its contents.
Small resizing function updates. Form elements align better across different OS styles/themes.

Updated 2003-10-16: 1.2.38
Fixed some bugs, displays in color (sent data in blue), resizes better now

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Version: 1.2.62
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