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    PLEASE NOTE: TekniDude and TekniWAP are NOT affiliated with nextel4free.com or idencustom.com in ANY way. If you have purchased anything from those sites then that has absolutlely NOTHING to do with this site. If you would like to sign up for this site you need to visit this page. Thank you. -Jason

    If you were never given a username, or if you just recently signed up for TekniWAP then please fill out the following information:

    • Your email address used for payment:
    • Your Sub-ID: _atlsnup2.adc.nexteldata.net
    • Username you would like to use: @tekniwap.com
    • Password you would like to use: Make sure this is unique and NOT the same as other accounts.
    If you are having trouble, click here and email me.

    If you forgot your password, please email me with this information:
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    Click here to send Jason an email for a password reset.

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