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    TekniWAP ChatBox Log:

    You can only view the log from each room. You must be on your wireless phone to post a message.
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    Room: Central US Entries:300 (300 Max)

    Cherryj [21645:38 ago] Hebrew im miss'n u...
    Joeebear [21662:14 ago] Waz quddie
    Cherryj [22464:32 ago] Same 2 u boo boo lol...
    Hebrew israelite [22464:35 ago] Lmao happy thanx given! :)
    Cherryj [22473:49 ago] Hebrew im back lol...
    Hebrew israelite [23125:35 ago] >=|
    Plebe [23127:03 ago] Adelante r2 ke te dice este chanate
    Hebrew israelite [23500:40 ago] Besides, ur a nobody dis ya 1st time on here and u gon sex play a grown man? smh get it 2getha boy!
    Hebrew israelite [23500:46 ago] U actn like u wanna sukc my dikc smh i dont get down like dat gay boy! Im on pussc...
    El r2 [23504:50 ago] Fuuucuk hebrew suuuck my diiiick
    El r2 [23504:52 ago] F*** any1
    Hebrew israelite [23819:04 ago] Wuz up!
    QUE QUE [23821:08 ago] Wat up room
    Mikie [23987:48 ago] Time 2 crash
    Hebrew israelite [23988:12 ago] All da time!!!!
    Mikie [23988:33 ago] Un la
    Hebrew israelite [23988:48 ago] Datz rite calif hea!
    Mikie [23988:52 ago] Chi town
    Hebrew israelite [24011:17 ago] Wuz up mikcie wur u frum homie?
    Mikie [24016:44 ago] Hi every 1
    Gsmooth [24762:00 ago] Hey
    PinkKitty [24762:13 ago] Hey;)
    Gsmooth [24832:06 ago] Um. . . The only other way i can let you see what i look like is through myspace or face book
    Gsmooth [24832:09 ago] K im 5'9 and im athletic brown skin short hair
    Cherryj [24832:19 ago] Just do it lol...
    Gsmooth [24832:21 ago] Im not sure how to describe myself to you.
    Gsmooth [24832:28 ago] I guess im not nor wasn't a stranger
    Gsmooth [24832:29 ago] Wow.. Well considerin that we spoke here a while and you had my number
    Cherryj [24832:30 ago] Who r u i dont talk 2 strangers on da phone lol
    Gsmooth [24832:32 ago] We didn't even get to speak on the phone
    Gsmooth [24832:35 ago] You know me. You always do sweety
    Cherryj [24832:36 ago] So who r u really lol
    Gsmooth [24832:37 ago] Actually its barely cause im on here and i stay changin my name
    Gsmooth [24832:38 ago] Yo wow cherry i barely see you on this
    Hebrew israelite [24983:28 ago] Cherry j wuz up, datz foofy he's been on here b4 me he coo sho sum luv, and foofy datz cherry j!
    Foofydamagnificent [24987:28 ago] Hello
    Cherryj [24994:42 ago] Hebrew :p lol...
    Foofydamagnificent [25000:02 ago] Hello any1
    JJ 23 [25103:56 ago] Say sexy gurls!
    Hebrew israelite [25952:22 ago] !!!!
    Urhynes [25957:44 ago] Just food. Im not a bad guy to ask for other things. But you should come it'll be nice to see you
    Wmdajt [25957:46 ago] Oyea you want samthig olso.
    Urhynes [25957:52 ago] When you come, come with chicken
    Urhynes [25958:00 ago] Im on my block.. You comin through you should
    Wmdajt [25958:03 ago] Where you at.?
    Urhynes [25958:08 ago] Or you gonna pic on me? :(
    Urhynes [25958:10 ago] I said my bad. I thought.. So you gonna call me?
    Urhynes [25958:13 ago] Thats stil not fair but ok.
    Wmdajt [25958:14 ago] Youl s?e. By:)
    Urhynes [25958:24 ago] Thats not fair tho. I think you see my number there.. So its on you
    Wmdajt [25958:25 ago] You see soon1
    Urhynes [25958:29 ago] If i have to make up for it i guess i will.. What s gotta do
    Wmdajt [25958:32 ago] Any. Name you use i now you. Baht you w?nt to pay for daht.
    Urhynes [25958:42 ago] So how you been?
    Urhynes [25958:45 ago] :) yay at least you do now. I guess.
    Wmdajt [25958:47 ago] Cherryj i think i now you? !Yes i now you!
    Urhynes [25959:00 ago] Well anyway just wanted to say hi
    Urhynes [25959:28 ago] We was talkin fine at first then i don't know what went wrong.
    Urhynes [25959:36 ago] Cause i use different names. I know things went silly with us speakin tho
    Cherryj [25959:38 ago] How can u 4get
    Urhynes [25959:39 ago] Funny.. It'll take you all day to guess. I don't know the name i was usin before
    Cherryj [25959:40 ago] Yes i am who r u
    Urhynes [25959:45 ago] Wow i know this aint the same cherryj from before
    Hebrew israelite [26096:40 ago] Mmmwwwaaa wuz up suga! I gotchu....
    Cherryj [26098:45 ago] Hey boo boo damn drop me a line sumtime mmmwwaaa ....old friend 4gotten lol...
    Hebrew israelite [26112:40 ago] !!!!
    Lil rob [26117:53 ago] Hey girls
    Hebrew israelite [26124:02 ago] Like i said dis is a english only chatsite!
    Josh [26124:45 ago] Hey yo q pasa amigos?
    Cherryj [26289:42 ago] I was wonder'n baby if i make u my baby it would b so beautiful if u ask me im ready lmao.....lol:)
    Canelo [26327:58 ago] Canelo
    Cherryj [26369:56 ago] U know i want sum lol...
    Hebrew israelite [26369:56 ago] Everythang! =) so u neva answered my question bout da cake!
    Cherryj [26369:58 ago] Wats good wit u...
    Hebrew israelite [26370:02 ago] Hey mama!
    Wmdajt [26386:59 ago] Pnche puta perotendras una sorpresa haaaaaaaaaaa
    Cherryj [26387:02 ago] Hater :)
    Wmdajt [26388:06 ago] Silly you r a real peac? a cheat be?ach pnche puta.
    Cherryj [26388:22 ago] Boo boo
    Hebrew israelite [26388:56 ago] *mwah*atcho sweet self! Gotta cake 4u.. =) u want it?
    Cherryj [26449:42 ago] Damn must b nice just got off work bout 2 sleep b4 i go back sweet dreams...
    Hebrew israelite [26449:43 ago] Just got n, bout 2get sum shut i 4bout a few hrs.
    Cherryj [26449:46 ago] Hey baby hope u have a good day
    Hebrew israelite [26449:47 ago] =) yes mami!
    Cherryj [26459:53 ago] Boo booooo uuummmmm
    Cherryj [26508:55 ago] Mmmmmwwwaaa...
    Hebrew israelite [26509:59 ago] =) cherry!!!!
    Wmdajt [26526:58 ago] Hi ihave yr booloubhich.
    Cherryj [26529:31 ago] Uuuuummmm these w chunks aint work'n i need my boo boo.....lol
    Cherryj [27177:55 ago] I wanna eat but not food ......i gotchu but dont get 2 full u wont perform correctly....lol...
    Hebrew israelite [27177:57 ago] Fix me sumthn 2 eat, datz wut u can do! Gotcha back...
    Cherryj [27177:59 ago] Wat da hell we gon do bout it its a damn shame smh .....
    Hebrew israelite [27178:01 ago] So damn spoiled! smh
    Cherryj [27178:05 ago] I want more neva satisfied u know that lol....
    Hebrew israelite [27178:06 ago] U already know and got da sample of my chocolate beef brocolli!
    Cherryj [27178:09 ago] Talk is cheap cheap cheap lol.... show an tell .....
    Hebrew israelite [27178:10 ago] I got dat protein 4u alright!
    Cherryj [27178:20 ago] Just da beef lmao i need da protein...
    Hebrew israelite [27178:21 ago] Would u like sum chow mein & beef brocolli wit dat?
    Cherryj [27178:24 ago] Damn i'll give u 20.00 up da anti ....lol
    Hebrew israelite [27178:25 ago] $$5.00 dolla holla holla lmao
    Cherryj [27179:30 ago] Im still horny damn havent b'n here in+a min luv me long time lmmfao....
    Hebrew israelite [27179:33 ago] Dz chunks r so good! Yummy....
    Hebrew israelite [28000:48 ago] Mwa :) i bn waitn 4 u 2 get home!
    Cherryj [28001:00 ago] Im horny as f*** u havent b'n tak'n care of me lol...
    Hebrew israelite [28001:10 ago] Hmmm
    Cherryj [28019:58 ago] Cant find no w.chunks guess i'll eat this banana uummm...
    Cherryj [28031:47 ago] Ok...
    Hebrew israelite [28031:48 ago] I undastood dat when u told me dat da 1st time. Dont believe. Bbl
    Cherryj [28031:54 ago] No da lil boi was found in a duffle bag not far from home
    Hebrew israelite [28031:55 ago] -when he got out dey found him n a duffle bag. Doesnt make sense. Unless u really had da story twist
    Cherryj [28031:56 ago] Yeah but now its da truth mr. lite
    Hebrew israelite [28031:57 ago] Cuzz u told me a story b4 dat da boi was ok, and da boyfriend was neva locked up so wutchu mean-
    Cherryj [28032:02 ago] Wateva im so tired of u nva believ'n me lol...
    Hebrew israelite [28032:03 ago] I dont believe dat! Ill find out.
    Cherryj [28032:07 ago] A duffle bag...
    Cherryj [28032:08 ago] Then they got all hush hush they let out of jail 2 look 4 him an take back lil boi was found in a
    Hebrew israelite [28032:11 ago] But den dey already foundum, plus he wondered off and they always stated dat he was neva a suspect!
    Cherryj [28032:14 ago] Yeah but the truth always cums out ....
    Hebrew israelite [28032:16 ago] U didnt say dat b4, u said he was found back den, and his enemy took um! Didnt u say dat?
    Cherryj [28032:22 ago] Nope it was da guy cory that girl bfriend
    Hebrew israelite [28032:24 ago] U did tell me bout dat! U said it was o boi enemy dat took um 4 revenge!
    Cherryj [28032:27 ago] U remember da lil boi miss'n roun xmas...
    Cherryj [28032:28 ago] An if dem mexis got my shyt im cum'n 4 urz u aint fix me breakfast in a long time anyway....lol
    Hebrew israelite [28032:29 ago] Wut lil boi?
    Cherryj [28032:30 ago] Leav'n sunday i tol u they found dat lil boy...
    Hebrew israelite [28032:32 ago] Yea yo house is empty! Even da knives, forks, and spoons! :) mexicans gon be der when u cum back! Ha
    Cherryj [28032:35 ago] Yes i miss my pillows bad i hope u aint b'n giv'n my stuff away lol...
    Hebrew israelite [28032:37 ago] U must be hella bored, also missn dem pillows atcho crib, ive bn just fine as usual!
    Cherryj [28032:40 ago] Good baby down south in da boonies ready 2 go home lol how bout u...
    Hebrew israelite [28032:41 ago] ;) how have u bn?
    Cherryj [28032:57 ago] Ahh u luv it when im nasty lol....
    Hebrew israelite [28032:58 ago] U nasty baby! Lmao
    Cherryj [28033:00 ago] Figure of speech now u gon have dingle berries...
    Hebrew israelite [28033:05 ago] Dont say dat!
    Cherryj [28033:06 ago] Yes sirrr so stick dat in ya azz lmmfao
    Hebrew israelite [28033:08 ago] Hahaha u talkn bout dat lil thing wit da string on it!
    Cherryj [28033:13 ago] Well ya azz gon hurt cause i use that lil puffy thing :p
    Hebrew israelite [28033:14 ago] Datz ok ill use yo jeans, den jump n da shower and use yo w.towel!
    Cherryj [28033:16 ago] Thats y u gon have 2 s**t an guess wat no t.paper lmao...
    Hebrew israelite [28033:18 ago] I tried 2 but dey were so damn good!
    Cherryj [28033:20 ago] Wateva i betta get sum or ima take it out on u u should have save me sum..
    Hebrew israelite [28033:21 ago] Okay let me give all da retail salers a call and tell um not 2 sale 2 u.
    Cherryj [28033:24 ago] Thats not funny im in nc an b'n here visit'n 4 a month an w.chunks go'n home sunday imma get my own
    Hebrew israelite [28033:26 ago] Well use ur imagination!
    Cherryj [28033:28 ago] U know i need my chunks wat else could i possibly s**k on lmao...
    Hebrew israelite [28033:31 ago] Its a drought der r no more.
    Cherryj [28033:43 ago] Then get sum more an i want da juicyest
    Hebrew israelite [28033:49 ago] Der all gone!
    Cherryj [28043:23 ago] So gimmie sum lmao
    Hebrew israelite [28044:48 ago] Ummm dz w.chunks are so sweet & sooo damn goood jesus christ!
    Sergio [28308:01 ago] 27 and yours
    Cherryj [28308:02 ago] Wats ya age
    Sergio [28308:16 ago] Nothing i am in san diego and you?
    Cherryj [28308:17 ago] Hey u wat da deal....
    Sergio [28308:19 ago] Hey cherry
    Cherryj [28308:21 ago] Hey u
    El_CAPITAN [28308:23 ago] O_o
    Stone [28393:58 ago] Helk5sup room
    Stone [28393:59 ago] Helk5
    Cherryj [28487:58 ago] Hhhhhmmmm uuuummmm lol
    Hebrew israelite [28488:00 ago] Hmmm
    Cherryj [28488:01 ago] U should get more....
    Hebrew israelite [28488:03 ago] Only got1 i likes dat tho
    Cherryj [28488:08 ago] Did u get more text my obama
    Hebrew israelite [28488:10 ago] Good morning 2u2!
    Cherryj [28489:06 ago] Hi baby i got more 4 u i just gotta remember wat u got...lol oh good morn'n
    Hebrew israelite [28489:08 ago] I got it!
    Cherryj [28496:14 ago] Wat u dont believe now it came back
    El shaka [28498:24 ago] Whatzz up
    Hebrew israelite [28498:26 ago] I dont believe dat1, try again!
    Cherryj [28502:49 ago] Service s**k all day ...
    Hebrew israelite [28503:03 ago] Y not?
    Cherryj [28503:13 ago] U know i got s**t 4 u but since im in n. carolina my text aint work'n
    Hebrew israelite [28503:15 ago] Um hmm, y u stop sendn me things? A ol girl dat got da side of her face sliced dat was crasy! Smh
    Cherryj [28503:24 ago] Nope cum on now ...lol
    Hebrew israelite [28503:25 ago] Chekc u out, hahaha u aint changed a bit! Smh
    Cherryj [28503:27 ago] Ya goodies lmao wait'n 4 u 2 do the damn thing
    Hebrew israelite [28503:29 ago] I know u got sum goodies!
    Cherryj [28503:47 ago] U crazy ya know i miss that lol
    Hebrew israelite [28503:50 ago] Teach 1 wut! spanish?
    Cherryj [28503:55 ago] Each 1 teach 1 baby lmmfao
    Hebrew israelite [28503:56 ago] Dey gotta sho respect 2 every1 not just dey ppl, trynna force ppl 2 speak dat!
    Cherryj [28503:59 ago] I miss that lmao....
    Hebrew israelite [28504:02 ago] Ohh nun of dat bullshit a** spanish not,on hea go 2 a spanish site! Its english or nuttn on hea.a
    Hebrew israelite [28504:04 ago] Ohh nun of dat bullshit a** aint on hea, take yo a** 2 a spanish site! Its english or nuttn on hea..
    El shaka [28504:06 ago] Yes where do you live
    Cherryj [28504:08 ago] I here u we can talk english lol
    El shaka [28504:09 ago] No problem baby i am in san diego california
    Cherryj [28504:11 ago] No espanol
    El shaka [28504:12 ago] Que pasa chikitas reportense
    Cherryj [28504:14 ago] U betta b y u always make me worry bout u weres my luv mmwwaaa
    Hebrew israelite [28504:21 ago] Yea im str8, like always!
    Cherryj [28504:29 ago] I left jazz in ny she said hi u better b alrite or im a hurt sumbody they mess wit my chocolate
    Hebrew israelite [28504:42 ago] Mwa miss ya 2 bn thinkn bout ya!
    Cherryj [28504:44 ago] No problems im in n .carolina 4 vacation now im play'n wii how u b'n miss ya sexy a**...lol
    Hebrew israelite [28505:26 ago] Hey hun, was datchu n da problums?
    Cherryj [28505:33 ago] Hey baby ...lol
    Hebrew israelite [28506:01 ago] !!!!
    El shaka [28572:06 ago] Saludos a toda la raza q honda
    El shaka [28573:20 ago] Q paso d donde eres
    Eltanyk [28573:21 ago] K onda
    El shaka [28573:34 ago] Que pacho soy su amigo contesten plis
    Nena29 [28623:06 ago] Hey everyone
    Cherryj [28643:23 ago] Hey baby wats good....
    El_CAPITAN [28643:47 ago] ...
    Eltanyk [28811:17 ago] Hola soy leonardo and? en busca de amigas k kieran platicar y compartir su amistad conmigo
    El_CAPITAN [28811:25 ago] O_o
    Eltanyk [28889:06 ago] Busco amigas k quieran platicar conmigo ykme brinden su amistad tengo 23 a?os atlanta georgia
    Bossylady [28977:10 ago] Whats up everybody
    Dic [29099:40 ago] I don't have no kids.
    Cherryj [29232:46 ago] Were my mr.lite at
    Yliana [29242:46 ago] Anybody from chicago?
    Yliana [29243:04 ago] Heii ppl wazZ up holla at ur grl :)
    Kekemamaz [29385:02 ago] Hey wats up room
    Cherryj [29396:43 ago] Hey mr. lite were ya at?
    Jdog [29414:11 ago] Hey how yall doin
    Jess [29414:14 ago] No
    Gs0g0rge0us [29414:16 ago] I know you not over doin somethin you not suppose to be
    Jess [29414:23 ago] I live in ala
    Cherryj [29414:28 ago] Hey gorgeous yes u r hit u up when i'm finish wit my bi play wit ya six pack until then
    Jess [29414:34 ago] Hey everybody
    Gs0g0rge0us [29414:36 ago] Hello ms cherry where YOU at?
    Jess [29438:13 ago] Hey everybody
    Cherryj [29440:15 ago] Hello mr. lite were u at
    Cherryj [29466:20 ago] U just treat me any kinda way
    Cherryj [29479:18 ago] Let me give it 2 u say wht u want
    Cherryj [29479:30 ago] Wht u want ur wish is my command :)
    Hebrew israelite [29479:31 ago] No prob. But you know wut i want!
    Cherryj [29479:37 ago] Hey baby thank u
    Hebrew israelite [29479:37 ago] Wutchu doing?
    Cherryj [29482:01 ago] Wht u do'n tgif don't forget bout me :)
    Hebrew israelite [29482:59 ago] Wuz go'n on now?
    Cherryj [29485:16 ago] U always surprise me when i least expect it i like dat u da man want every1 2 know uuummm
    Cherryj [29486:49 ago] Hello i'm b'n ignored again
    Cherryj [29494:49 ago] Good mor'n did'n wake up wit my fav pics dis am wht a bummer
    Cherryj [29510:14 ago] Uumm scared of u i need my back blown ooouuutttt lol
    Hebrew israelite [29510:39 ago] No need already got some cuzz i stay wit um!
    Cherryj [29510:43 ago] An get sum magnums 2 lmao
    Hebrew israelite [29511:15 ago] Ima pick sum up for you!
    Cherryj [29511:58 ago] I need my w chunks :)
    Hebrew israelite [29512:12 ago] Den go buss a cap or 2!
    Cherryj [29512:14 ago] An 2 top it off i got a stalker who still gets those sum guy b'n sitt'n outside my house
    Hebrew israelite [29512:25 ago] Still go'n, gotcho msg! I gutchu...
    Cherryj [29512:28 ago] Hey how's ur day
    Hebrew israelite [29512:31 ago] Hey baby!
    Cherryj [29517:18 ago] Hello mr. lite:)
    Cherryj [29526:08 ago] I really was born at nite but not last nite when u have time u holla:l
    Cherryj [29526:12 ago] Remember when we use 2 argue an u said i aint da only 1 so do ya thing dont leave me hang'n
    Cherryj [29526:16 ago] Yeah ok like da way u show it
    Hebrew israelite [29526:17 ago] U should know i appreciate n e thing u send to me!
    Cherryj [29526:19 ago] Ur guess is as good as mine:) an i aint doin dat no more u neva appreiciate
    Hebrew israelite [29526:21 ago] And wut was dat?
    Cherryj [29526:23 ago] Same thing u was doin babe!
    Hebrew israelite [29526:24 ago] Wutchu do'n at da house babe?
    Cherryj [29526:36 ago] Were u from!
    D bo [29526:37 ago] Wut up where u from
    Cherryj [29526:38 ago] Mr. lite lost in words huh, but im'a still b der
    D bo [29526:40 ago] F*** sum where u at
    Cherryj [29526:44 ago] :(
    Hebrew israelite [29526:46 ago] Hey wuz go'n on n hea!
    Cherryj [29529:12 ago] Mr. lite u do'n it 2 me again huh, im'a only take so much good woman inderstand but hard 2 find !!!
    Cherryj [29532:10 ago] U tell me wht i do r u old enough 2 know wht it do were u from
    D bo [29532:21 ago] Wut it do
    Cherryj [29532:24 ago] U mak'n me regret wht i just did or wht u wont answer me just say i gotchu damn !!
    Hebrew israelite [29550:39 ago] U2 mami! Mmwwaa
    Cherryj [29550:40 ago] Get sum sleep baby chat witchu later sweet dreams mmmwwwaaa
    Hebrew israelite [29550:41 ago] Cuzz im bout to get sum shut i!
    Hebrew israelite [29550:43 ago] No need to thank me you deserve it!
    Cherryj [29550:44 ago] Of course u know i always wait 4 u!
    Hebrew israelite [29550:45 ago] Sooo tomorrow can we chat?
    Cherryj [29550:45 ago] Uumm thank u baby
    Hebrew israelite [29550:46 ago] Mmmmwwwwaaaa
    Hebrew israelite [29550:47 ago] Yea
    Cherryj [29550:49 ago] I forgot 2 give u this mmmmmwwwwwaaa
    Hebrew israelite [29550:51 ago] I do 2!
    Cherryj [29550:52 ago] Wish u was hold'n me when u say dat
    Hebrew israelite [29550:53 ago] Datz know problum!
    Cherryj [29550:54 ago] Neva said i was suppose 2 have all yo attention but i do want sum
    Hebrew israelite [29550:56 ago] Well i do work babe, also b'n busy wit otha things to!
    Cherryj [29551:00 ago] U sat dat now then u do wht i expect leave hope that's not gon b a pattern wit u
    Hebrew israelite [29551:03 ago] Dat means so much to me!
    Cherryj [29551:05 ago] I've always b'n there i ain't goin no where:)
    Hebrew israelite [29551:08 ago] Ive been blinded 2 c how loyal u r, and i praise you for dat!
    Cherryj [29551:10 ago] I actually miss yo a**
    Hebrew israelite [29551:11 ago] Datz wut i was thinkn about babe:( but i dont do it intentionally!
    Cherryj [29551:16 ago] I always think about u but i neva leave u hang'n!
    Hebrew israelite [29551:17 ago] Making things happend as usual! I was thinking about you!
    Cherryj [29551:21 ago] So wht's b'n goin on wit u
    Hebrew israelite [29551:23 ago] Datz not a frown, if u read dat msg right u would've known dat wasnt a frown!
    Cherryj [29551:27 ago] What's wit da frown
    Hebrew israelite [29551:28 ago] No thank you! Omg im so sorry cj:(
    Cherryj [29551:30 ago] Of course an thank u
    Hebrew israelite [29551:32 ago] Hey r u up?
    Hebrew israelite [29557:20 ago] Yes baby!
    Cherryj [29557:23 ago] Alright b safe
    Hebrew israelite [29557:25 ago] Not so good baby, ill try 2 cum bakc a lil later ok!
    Cherryj [29558:35 ago] Fine busy an urz
    Hebrew israelite [29558:36 ago] Coo and u, how was your day?
    Cherryj [29558:43 ago] Hello mr. lite, an how r u?
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