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    Send Alert To Mobile Device

    [Main Site]
    TekniWAP Premium Membership
    Donate through PayPal for instant Premium Access

    Notice: Check out the new forums from TekniDude.
    Aren't you glad you can send out unlimited Net Alerts for free?
    Donators keep it free. ;-)
    You need help...
    This page sends an Internet Link to your phone, so you can access any page in the browser.
    You're phone must have at least some type of Internet-Plan in order to work. Basic-NOL works fine.

    Sub-ID <-----
    The Subscriber ID is a number given to your cell-phone by nextel, to identify it on the internet.
    This web page takes the ID and sends a Web Address to it.
    Once the phone receives the alert, it will access the web page.
    To get the Sub-ID you must hit Menu --> Net --> Nextel.com --> Sub ID
    Now copy down the long number after Subscriber ID:
    Go to the main page and enter the number into the Sub ID: field.
    Now click send.

    This is the hostname of your cell carrier.
    The net alert program connects to that and makes the transaction.
    For nextel leave as: atlsnup2.adc.nexteldata.net

    Ummm Huh??
    Still don't get it?
    Visit the new TekniDude Support forum

    WAP Sites
    Want a cool site to visit?
    Send your cell phone to http://www.teknidude.com/wap/
    Free text paging? Yup
    Just click the Text Pager and start typing.

    Have A WAP Site?
    If you have a WAP site and want to send your viewers a bookmark to your site, read this.
    Add a link to your wap portal that goes here:

    Just change the "My%20Kick%20Ass%20Site" to whatever title you want and change the "http://www.teknidude.com/" to the web page that you want sent.
    The page then automatically gets the Sub-ID and Sub-Host from the phone.
    Make sure you keep the &amp; between the title and the url and if you need to use spaces, use %20.

    Have 2-way messaging on your nextel?
    You can view all your messages AND send messages with this new program.
    All you have to do is run the program, type in your username/password from your nextel.com account, and it gets all your 2-way messages.
    This program is still in development stage so don't complain. ;-)
    Keep checking back for new updates.
    Visit page. <-- Check it out!

    Donate towards TekniWAP?
    You want me to donate???!!! HAHAHAHA
    No seriously, doing this stuff isn't free.
    Got 5 bucks layin around?
    Why don't you help keep TekniWAP running and contribute toward the mobile community. :-)
    Click the PayPal button on the top of the page now. While supplies last.
    Official PayPal Seal

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